Structural Acellular Hydrated Dermis (Allograft)

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Product Details:

Technique Cold Rolled
Application Medical
Thickness 0.3-60mm



Tissue Code Thickness Dimension
Thick (0.8mm-1.7mm) 471608 0.4mm – 0.8mm 6cm x 8cm
471812 0.8mm -1.7mm 8cm x 12cm
471016 0.8mm -1.7mm 10cm x 16cm
471216 0.8mm -1.7mm 12cm x 16cm
471620 0.8mm -1.7mm 16cm x 20cm
471202 0.8mm -1.7mm 20cm x 20cm
471224 0.8mm -1.7mm 12cm x 24cm
471225 0.8mm -1.7mm 20cm x 25cm
471230 0.8mm -1.7mm 20cm x 30cm
Ultra Thick
1.8mm-4mm 8cm x 12cm
472016 1.8mm-4mm 10cm x 16cm
472216 1.8mm-4mm 12cm x 16cm
472620 1.8mm-4mm 16cm x 20cm
472224 1.8mm-4mm 12cm x 24cm
472225 1.8mm-4mm 20cm x 25cm
472230 1.8mm-4mm 20cm x 30cm


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