Proximate Reloadable Staplers (Tx)

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Product Details:

Cartridge Color White
Number of Staple Rows 3
Tissue Thickness Vascular
Open Staple Height 2.5mm
Closed Staple Height 1.0mm
Maximum Firings 8
Usage Hospital



Product Code Cartridge Color Number of Staple Rows Tissue Thickness Open Staple Height Closed Staple Height Reload Included Maximum Firings EA/ BX
TX30B Blue 2 Regular 3.5mm 1.5mm Yes 8 3
TX30G Green 2 Thick 4.8mm 2.0mm Yes 8 3
TX60B Blue 2 Regular 3.85m 1.5mm Yes 8 3
TX60G Gold 2 Thick 4.8mm 1.8mm Yes 8 3

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: TX30V


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