Tissue Matrix Sterile (Hydrated)

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Product Details:

Material PVC
Dimensions 6cm x 12cm
Product Code XM106.1620S
EA/BX 16cm x 20cm



Product Code Dimensions Product Code EA/BX
XM106.0616S 6cm x 16cm XM106.1625S 16cm x 25cm
XM106.0812S 8cm x 12cm XM106.2020S 20cm x 20cm
XM106.0816S 8cm x 16cm XM106.2025S 20cm x 25cm
XM106.0820S 8cm x 20cm XM106.2030S 20cm x 30cm
XM106.1016S 10cm x 16cm XM106.2040S 20cm x 40cm
XM106.1020S 10cm x 20cm XM106.2540S 25cm x 40cm
XM106.1220S 12cm x 20cm XM106.2545S 25cm x45cm

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: XM106-0612S


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