V.A.C Negative Pressure Dressing Kits

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Product Details:

Function Therapy
Application Clinic
Material PVA
Dimensions 10 x 7.5 x 3.5 cm


Designed to adapt to irregular wound contours, V.A.C. Granu Foam dressings Kit allow carers to use V.A.C. Therapy for a wide variety of chronic, acute and sub-acute wounds, from simple to complex, and hard-to-reach, inconveniently located wounds.


  • Flexible design adapts to the contours of deep and irregularly shaped wounds
  • Promotes cellular activity and formation of granulation tissues in wounds
  • Open pore structure (400 – 600 microns) helps provide uniform distribution of negative pressure at the wound site
  • Hydrophobic construction helps exudate removal
  • Multiple shapes and sizes to accommodate diverse wounds


V.A.C. Granu Foam Small Dressing Kit:

  • 1 polyurethane foam dressing (10 x 7.5 x 3.3cm)
  • 1 drape, 1 SensaT.R.A.C. Pad
  • Case of 5 M8275051/5
  • Case of 10 M8275051/10


V.A.C. Granu Foam Medium Dressing Kit:

  • 1 polyurethane foam dressing (18 x 12.5 x 3.3cm)
  • 2 drapes, 1 SensaT.R.A.C. Pad
  • Case of 5 M8275052/5
  • Case of 10 M8275052/10


V.A.C. Granu FoamLargeDressing Kit:

  • 1 polyurethane foam dressing (26 x 15 x 3.3cm)
  • 2 drapes, SensaT.R.A.C. Pad
  • Case of 5 M8275053/5
  • Case of 10 M8275053/10


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