VAC Abdominal Dressing Kit

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Product Details:

Usage Clinic, Hospital
Application Medical Wound Suction Dressing
Set Of 2 PU film


The V.A.C. Abdominal Dressing is a specialty dressing indicated for temporary bridging of the open abdomen where primary closure is not possible or desirable and/or repeat abdominal entries are necessary. The V.A.C. Abdominal Dressing can be used when the abdomen is left open in the decompression management of abdominal compartment syndrome, trauma requiring damage control or staged abdominal repair, and other complex abdominal pathologies.


  • Assists in managing the open abdomen
  • Non-adherent layer assists in protecting the abdominal contents
  • Assists in abdominal stabilisation via splinting effect
  • Collects and quantifies fluid loss from the abdomen
  • Allows for delayed primary closure
  • Provides an environmental barrier to help protect the abdominal contents


Product Specifications:

  • 2 perforated polyurethane foam dressings
  • 1 fenestrated polyurethane non-adherent layer with encapsulated foam
  • 4 drapes, 1 SensaT.R.A.C. Pad
  • Case of 5 M8275080/5


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